When concepts, ideas, and products are becoming disruptive with each iteration, we can consider ourselves lucky by living in an age of innovation, as we are part of this revolution. Even more, we have the great freedom to choose on which side of the transformation we want to be. And either decision we take, it can’t be a wrong one.

But if you are on the innovation part, it means you have the expertise and you are able to shape the world you live in. And when I say shaping the world, I encourage you to be disruptive. This is the only way to great progress. It’s enough to think of Elon Musk and this is more than a perfect example.

Ok and what is Living Experience (LX)?

Living Experience is new.

It’s not defined yet. It might be abstract for most people, but as User Experience, it’s related to interaction, flows, emotions, feelings, happiness if it’s done well and frustration if there is a lack of it.

I’m trying to introduce this concept (LX) and explain it further.

Living Experience

is the total amount of feelings you have when you interact with a city, a place, or an area. It’s the way you feel when you’re using a product and in this case, the product is the city itself.

The flow of LX is the flow you’re taking when walking, eating, drinking, admiring, play,ing or any other interaction within the living area. Just think at your most recent 5 cities you have visited and compare them. Compare your experiences you felt there and how easy was for you to do the same action in all of these 5 cities.

I’m going to write more on this topic, as I’m absolutely convinced that our experience when living or traveling to a new place is changing. And there is a whole lot of potential to make it disruptive and benefit from it. For example, smart city concepts are just a part of the new Living Experience (LX) we are beginning to face today.

As a hint, in the next article, I will try to consolidate more the Living Experience (LX) concept by giving some practical examples from our daily lives. Amsterdam for instance, has one of the best LX I’ve met. And not because it’s a liberal, rich, hippie, product-orientated city. There’s a lot more about it.

PS. Do not mix Living Experience (LX) with Learner Experience (LX) (which is a more well known and consolidated area).

PPS: Here’s an idea to chew on – “The Experience Of”

The power of change and the ability to improve the living experience is in the hands of the community you’re part of. Your creativity and involvement is the most valuable aspect of the places you live, visit or just dream of. Soon, you’ll have that power – so be part of the experience.

The Experience Of

is a community-centered idea that will allow regular people to innovate and change their own living experience. The whole idea is around the power of innovation in a world where if tomorrow you have the same mindset as yesterday you might remain redundant.

the-experience-of: living experience

Vlad Tirla