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Long story short, we are a software development and software consulting agency located in the heart of Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca, that offers custom software solutions, UX/UI, business analysis, testing, security, or IT services.

We know that saying we’re flexible doesn’t make us flexible, so we aspire to make that a reality, starting with our approach to using fitted tools & frameworks for your needs, way of working, communication and responsiveness, and some other things that you will find out when we start working together.


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As a software development company, becoming technology partners has been a strategic target for us, as it determines the complexity of the projects we’re working on, sets a higher standard for business objectives, while also endorsing our position in the international community of software professionals. It also means we’re benefiting from their full support, resources and extensive technological expertise, so we are able to take our customers’ experience to a whole new level of professionalism by providing valuable, innovative and cost-effective solutions.


Certifications come to validate the skills, knowledge and dedication of our teams and their desire to achieve the highest level of professionalism when it comes to bringing your ideas to life. From certified developers, projects managers, business analysts or software testers, we are proud to introduce our hard-working teams to you.


We absolutely love what we do and that shows in our everyday activities. We love creating robust software that provides a great user experience and makes everyone happy: our partners, their users and, of course, us. Maybe that’s why our work has been recognised so many times and brought us and our people the top development partner, entrepreneur of the year, data analytics, cloud platform, advocacy, or community awards we’re really proud of.


A motto we stick to is “A brain is a terrible thing to waste”, and we make everything in our power to take care of it. How? By learning, as well as sharing the knowledge.

Whether it’s books, experience, peers, training, workshops or conferences we attend or speak at, we love to know all there is to know about software, to make your product shine. We foster a culture of growth and sharing, by nurturing young generations of developers and guiding them towards writing robust and future-proof software that follow industry standards and good practices.

But we also love to think outside the box, experiment, innovate, and come up with new and better solutions to everyday software issues, to share and discuss these findings and insights with our peers, at conferences or conversations inside local or international communities. Our ultimate goal is to craft thoughtful experiences for you and your users.

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