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Smart Development
for Smart Cities

In a world run by technology and a large spectrum of software solutions aiming at improving our lives, we believe it is equally important to connect citizens with their local administration and with each other, to work together towards improving the quality of their lifestyle.

As Cluj-Napoca is one of the strongest regional IT poles, it was only natural for the local administration to focus on a continuous digitization of services and sustainable urban development. Once the groundwork was laid, we were very eager to get involved and contribute to the digital transformation of the city we all live in and love.

When the citizens team up with the Public Administration, the communities grow and develop faster and more harmoniously, so Evozon found its place in the smart city ecosystem by encouraging active civic participation. One of the solutions we are very are proud of is “Participatory Budgeting”, a platform that moves discussions from the limited area of physical space to the virtual one, accessible to all those who want to get involved.

Smart development for smart cities

Our solution has already been adopted by several city halls around the country, following its launch in Cluj-Napoca, and we are eager to contribute even more to the digitization of cities around the world.

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