Being in the software business for over 15 years we made it our mission to get to know our partners and their industry challenges at a deeper level. So we started this journey of ours by building beautiful, feature-packed software apps, for startups as well as large enterprises, and we got to wrap our heads around a lot of products coming from different business verticals.

Walking hand in hand with our customers from the mere idea to a fully-fledged software solution, gave us the privilege of having a large portfolio and gathering valuable viewpoints of the inner workings of a lot of industries.



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“The applications development manager for Northern Safety, a reseller and distributor of industrial and MRO safety products.

One of the things that stood out was their willingness and ability to educate us. As a software development company, they’re able to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies, and they articulately explained the benefits of newly available methodologies.

We also appreciated their candour. They were bold enough to tell us the truth if they disagreed with our feedback or thought we were approaching a solution incorrectly. Our company values honesty, and we were happy to work with a partner who shares that belief. “

Northern Safety

“Evozon is a valuable service partner for Auchan Romania. We developed with Evozon Systems a complex eCommerce omnichannel application (using SAP Hybris) that will be progressively available to our customers.

Evozon is committed to innovation and they developed and tested with us various software solutions for digital transformation.

Their high maturity level in software development is compliant with most audit standards.“


“Evozon team proved to be a reliable, hard-working and dedicated partner, easily adapting to our changing requirements and high-quality standards. When choosing the most appropriate technical solutions to different problems, the team customized their solutions to our specific implementation needs.“

Alexandru Costin Senior Director
Adobe Systems Romania

“They launched a flawless website and kept everyone motivated.”

Web traffic increased and the site launched on time. Evozon quickly internalized project requirements and displayed an energetic work ethic. Although they worked remotely, their dedication to success and responsiveness to feedback prevented any management problems from arising. “

Senior Digital Expert for B2B, Deutsch Telekom AG

“Our objective was to take an important step for the transparency of the mayor’s office activity and the integration of smart solutions in the process of communication and interactions with citizens.

The realization of this process was possible only through an efficient, fast collaboration during which we received advice, ideas and suggestions for improvement regarding the applicability, development and implementation of the respective platforms. The customer-oriented attitude and personal involvement turned what would have been a difficult and complicated task to solve into a pleasant experience.

Every Evozon employee we had the pleasure of working with was a professional, qualified person and responded to our requests quickly and pleasantly. Evozon made our work easy and we look forward to working together again.”

Szilveszter Szabolcs
Deputy Mayor of Târgu Secuiesc

“During our collaboration, we developed several projects, such as the first online Participatory Budgeting process in Romania, the restructuring and modernization of the City Hall website, its integration with the SICAP platform to facilitate transparency regarding the contracts of the City Hall and its subordinate companies, a map of sanitation machines, an internal process similar to participatory budgeting, to encourage and capitalize on the potential for innovation within the City Hall, an internal platform for City Hall employees, for the evaluation of clerks, plus other smaller projects that were addressed with the same professionalism and seriousness as the bigger ones. Our desire is to continue collaborating with Evozon, because they are open to our ideas, have the resources, both technical and personal, and have shown great professionalism, availability and flexibility, over time, these traits helping us work very well together. “

Oana Buzatu, spokesperson of the City Hall of Cluj-Napoca

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