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Our hiring process


We got your CV

Thank you for thinking we’d be a good place for you! We know CV making and applications can be quite time consuming and challenging, so we really appreciate it. Let’s get it started.


We’re looking into it

We don’t use any algorithms or automated CV screening processes so it’s all human touch and human eyes. You can expect an answer for your application in 2 weeks tops. If you’d like an earlier answer just knock twice aka send us another email.


It’s nice to hear you

If your experience and profile match our role we will surely hear each other first over a short phone call. We’ll make sure to set up a good day and time to meet.


Our interview

We know time is precious for you so we like to stick to a 2 in 1 discussion. We cover all aspects, technical & HR related alongside ourselves and yourself. This talk will take around 1-2 hours of your time, depending on the role and your availability.


Feedback and offer

After the discussion, we will come back with final feedback for our discussion in 2 weeks tops. Feel free to give us a sign if you need one faster than that.


Onboard Evozon

All the necessary details will be covered by your HR, from what documents you should have ready, to your first day, having someone be there for you on your first day, taking the tour of our building, getting into the Evozon vibe.


Your feedback

Our final feedback goes both ways so we will ask you for how all of this ride was for you. We’d really like to make it an enjoyable ride and for that we need your thoughts too. You can also reach out to sites such as Glassdoor & Undelucram for written feedback if you’d like.

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Job FAQs

Submit your application by sending your CV to the email address you can find in the job description. If none of our current openings or ongoing career opportunities looks good to you – keep checking our new openings on the Careers page or Facebook & LinkedIn.

If we compare dating to a job interview in evozon, this is how it would look like:
We wouldn’t ask you why you left your ex as long as you tell us what makes you happy.
We’re not over-attached, we don’t follow you around wherever you go. We know you need your “you time” to feel complete.
We wouldn’t mind you wearing flip flops and shorts on our first date, we’d just like to know your taste.
If we’re a match, we’d love to keep you. But not with the cost of you losing your friends, your hobbies, your health, your … self.

Besides the yearly summer internships on Java, .Net, PHP, and Testing, we frequently organize pre-employment training programs on these technologies. We have always hired the best of our interns and trainees.

That depends on you! We work with Java, Hybris .Net, PHP, Python, Symfony, Magento, JavaScript and most of our projects are web or mobile applications. In every area we work with the latest technologies, so no ancient Java frameworks here or stuff like Visual Basic.

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If you didn’t found the job you were looking for, but would like for us to keep in touch in the future send us your LinkedIn URL.