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We cherish our projects but, more importantly, we cherish our people and their happiness, so we’ll always go for the saying “people before procedures“. Our flat organization structure ensures and facilitates open communication between colleagues, fast feedback and a fast decision-making process, usually just a click away or a floor away.

We are striving to become a learning organization and for that, we are involved in active technical learning events like conferences, tech talks, training, workshops, use of learning platforms but also professional and self-development through our soft skills (let’s call them core skills) learning opportunities inside.

A motto we stick to is “A brain is a terrible thing to waste”, and we make everything in our power to take care of it. How? By learning, as well as sharing the knowledge.
Whether it’s books, experience, peers, training, workshops or conferences we attend or speak at, we love to know all there is to know about software, to make your product shine.