A while ago, there was this inside joke “running around” in Evozon, saying that “We like big & fresh brains” or something of the sort. Setting aside the zombie-like connotations, when we think about it, it’s in fact true. We do! We like the creative minds of young people, we like seeing potential in students and we like creating opportunities especially for those who have developed a taste for technology and programming.

So it comes with no surprise that when we were asked to join, for the 2nd time around, the mentoring programme organized by APEX, we dived right into it. We had 10 eager-to-share developers mentoring 9 bright high-school students. Starting from scratch, with minimal programming knowledge, the students worked side by side their mentors, over the course of seven months. They came up with amazingly-witty projects. For example, one team developed an app that could monitor patients’ glycaemia, with no need of using needles; another brought to life an app that lets you know what parking spaces are available near you location and so on. Essentially it was a learning experience for both sides. Our colleagues provided support in acquiring programming skills for the kids, but at the same time they got the chance to learn and practice the art of tidying up their own thoughts in order to make them easier to understand. In turn, besides learning how to code, the kids had a first-hand chance to acknowledge the value of hard work and of doing something one actually enjoys.

To celebrate their achievements, a closing gala was held on June 14th. We were happy to be there and we definitely were proud.

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