May is a busy month for us. From participating in tree-planting activities together with Clubul Alpin Român Cluj to running at several events (Color Run, Crosul Companiilor, MSG Maraton Apuseni), our schedule is pretty tight this month. And we love it! But, besides taking part in activities that require our physical involvement, we’re also looking for new actions to take that positively impact the environment. We’re also exploring opportunities that don’t require our on-site presence. Wait, what? Can you get a greener “remote”?

For sure! We’ve already managed to plat 6 trees “remote”! How did we do it? Well…

We've got greener!

Through solar panels! We “planted” solar panels on our building a few days ago, which are the equivalent of planting 6 trees. And besides allowing us to “plant trees” on our terrace, it helps us reduce our carbon footprint and avoid the consumption of 3.13 tons of coal (the average person uses 0.02 tons of coal/ day). Also, it comes with quite a few other benefits in terms of conserving energy. Check out all the benefits our solar panel brings us here:

Benefits of our solar panels - how we're getting greener in numbers

Main take: we’re glad we finally took this step! We’ve been considering adding solar panels on our rooftop for some time now, and we’re glad we made it. As we’ve been constantly getting involved in tree-planting activities ever since we had to chance to, being able to remotely plant trees is an achievement we’re very excited about! So,

How many people do you need to plant 6 trees? 0 - we got greener with solar panels

If you’ve been thinking about adding solar panels to your building and want to continue your reading on this topic, check out this article on the U.S. Green Building Council’s site (also known as USGBC). Throughout the article, Taryn Holowka, the Senior Vice President of Marketing, Communications, and Advocacy at USGBC, explores the top 4 benefits of adding solar panels to buildings. To more actions that get us greener!