Let’s define first the context.

The Global Consciousness Project is a project launched 18 years ago by Dr. Roger Nelson, retired professor from Princeton University. The initial scope was to plant some devices (“eggs”, as they called them) around the globe in order to produce random data of 0 and 1. These devices produces 100 random data per second and the expectations were around a 50/50 balance in between the numbers. If it’s random, it should be random. But considering the huge amount of data generated, the thoughts went towards a perfect balance in between the options.

Basically, the device can predict whether the next generated number will be a 0 or a 1. Each correct prediction is referred to as a “hit.”

The amazing discovery started when major global events occurred (positive or negative) and they released hundreds of case studies, where disasters or terrorist attacks around the globe caused a disturbance in the regular flow of 0 and 1 predictions. Even more, these anomalies started to occur within minutes or hours before an event actually happened.

The questions released from these discoveries can be only in these directions: “Are we that random as we think we are?” or “Is there a global consciousness which can influence us?”

And of course, the Holy Grail of all questions: “Can we influence the things around us with a collective mind and can we predict a future event?”

Although the project and the data measured started almost 2 decades ago, there is not yet an accepted scientific, proved answer for these questions. It’s your call to think and challenge your mind in a direction or another and most important, to find the evidence in these assumptions / ideas.

I always thought in the power of the brain and more important in the power of collective feelings. It can’t be merely random when you’re concentrating on something positive or negative. And if a group is thinking the same way as you, then their thoughts must influence and amplify the output.

The connection with the Living Experience (LX) and Innovation

Living Experience it’s the total amount of feelings you have when you interact with a city, a place or an area. It’s the way you feel when you’re using a product and, in this case, the product is the place itself.

This amount of feelings and emotions deducted from a group, might be responsible for influencing certain behaviors or actions of individuals. The interaction that User A is having with components within a city is most probably influenced by the thoughts, thinking, feelings, emotions a group is having.

  • The channel that creates that interaction between the user and the city might be an application / product.
  • The thinking behind the application is the User Experience.
  • The global non-random ideas and mind set which creates the User Experience is actually the Global Consciousness.

And all of these contribute to a better Living Experience.

The power to improve the Living Experience (LX) is in the hands of each individual. When these single persons join a thinking positive group, then the random data is not random anymore. It might present anomalies as I described above.

These actions / improvements within the living area doesn’t have to be necessarily big or disruptive for the entire planet. It can be just simple, small things which for the larger context, might sound not that valuable. But for a niche group might be so disruptive that actually you can make their world a better place.

What Evozon did on June 1st, 2016, is a perfect example where Global Consciousness of several guys with different perspectives. Different backgrounds and expertise joined their “random” 0 and 1 functioning systems and created an anomaly for a niche, in order to improve their Living Experience.

We offered a free wi-fi network for the children from the pediatrics’ hospital located nearby, in order to facilitate an easier communication with their parents. Yes, it’s a small local action, but it serves as a great case study of how we can channel these random feelings toward a better place and a better life.

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Article written by Vlad Tirla

This article was originally published here.