With over 120 developers in our teams, based in London and Cluj, Evozon offers custom software solutions, business analysis and project management across the widest possible range of technologies and platforms for web and mobile. Our clients rely on us for innovative bespoke or platform-based solutions.

Our Perl division has more than 20 full-time Perl developers that have in-depth experience developing Perl applications– using a wide range of frameworks.

These technologies include mod_perl, Mason, Catalyst, Moose, DBIx::Class and Class::DBI with MySQL or PostgreSQL all architected in a high availability and scalable model with the best practices one would expect.

Evozon also supports Perl by sponsoring and participating in YAPC Europe, London Perl Workshop and some contributions to CPAN.

YAPC Europe, or Yet Another Perl Conference is an annual event that brings together the large community for a series of talks and presentations. The first YAPC was held in the United States, in Pittsburgh on June 24th-25th 1999, while the first European YAPC was held a year later.

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