Larry Wall speaks at Cluj Perl Mongers Anniversary Meetup

We were thrilled to learn that Larry Wall has accepted to visit the local Perl Mongers community and be a guest speaker at their 3 years’ anniversary meetup.
As you already know, we at Evozon have a soft spot for Perl and work with Perl technologies extensively; therefore, it is a great honour to sponsor an event where the creator of Perl himself confirmed his presence.

Larry Wall created the Perl programming language and is currently still involved with its development as the benevolent dictator for life. Fun fact about Larry, the Perl documentation states that there are two Rules that apply to him.

1 Larry is always by definition right about how Perl should behave. This means he has final veto power on the core functionality.

2 Larry is allowed to change his mind about any matter at a later date, regardless of whether he previously invoked Rule 1.

Whether you’re a student or an IT professional with an interest in Perl, you have to attend the upcoming event and meet Larry Wall!

For details, go to

See you there, you don’t miss out on this event!