Product Manager, Business Analyst, Product Owner…the list of fancy job titles can be extensive. At Evozon, we feel the title says too little about the job itself. And since the attributions are ever changing, why not let people define their own role?

As business analysts/product managers, we are ultimately responsible for the direction and time to market of our startups. This means we are working together with our teams to improve our products, examine and test ideas and learn from our potential and existing customers on a daily basis. We make sure to understand how customers use our products so we can improve their experience and deliver successful solutions.

We constantly look for channels to capture new leads and apply them if they move the needle until they no longer do. When social media, PR or email marketing stop making noticeable changes, we move on and discover other traction mechanisms while making sure we build relationships with potential clients. We validate them and close the loop of acquiring customers just to start again and generate new leads.

After we’ve built a relationship with our customers, we like to keep them hooked in our business. We design beautiful solutions and build products they love, making it hard for them to leave. They invest and build in our business and they then come back. At Evozon, we are a family and we open ourselves to our customers till they come back to us just like coming back to a family. Our customers know why, not what.

We usually structure the whole working flow in Agile / Scrum frameworks. Technical teams are relatively small, but we cover all the other aspects of development through research, problem spotting and solution design, quality assurance and market delivery. We have daily meetups where we discuss progress and impediments and prioritize tasks.

However, our first most important factor is data. We collect and monitor data on a regular basis which helps us make decisions and determine whether the changes we make are helpful to our customers. 

We have regular testing sessions and collect feedback both from customers and internal teams. Our culture is about experimenting and solving problems through innovative solutions which makes customer feedback a valuable asset in testing our hypotheses on a daily basis.

In Evozon, we value opinions. It’s important for us to listen to opinions and define strategies together with the teams. We cooperatively assess the investment done at all times, how long it takes for it to be up and running and how much it costs. Practically, we make sure to develop what ads more value to our customers, at a reasonable price within a given time.

It also takes a lot of passion, flexibility, honesty and humbleness. We embrace team communication, a strong asset for all of us to move forward and continuously maximise value.

We know it may sound tough. It is, but it’s totally worth it.
Diana Donca