Tires-Easy is a US tyre provider situated in California that has been serving consumers since 2004 and has established itself as a major player in the tyre market. They run a vast, complex online store that also provides delivery services. Tires-Easy has a competitive advantage over its competitors by being able to deliver products to consumers’ homes or local tyre fitters in record time.

Our partnership began in 2014 and has evolved since then, with us working as a close-knit team on both development and DevOps, Cloud, and maintenance projects.

The Challenge

In 2016, Tires-Easy was faced with problems caused by a basic infrastructure. It lacked the flexibility, security, and ability to grow alongside its business. To address this, we collaborated on a strategic migration to a dedicated, scalable infrastructure from Rackspace. This provided a secure, high-availability environment with improved maintenance processes.

As Tires-Easy matured, seasonal sales trends emerged – spikes during winter and summer tyre purchases. They sought to optimise costs while maintaining performance. The solution? An auto-scalable architecture. This would automatically adjust resources to meet demand peaks, reducing costs during slower periods. Additionally, their ageing hardware was experiencing performance issues, further solidifying the need for an upgrade.

The Solution: AWS Cloud Migration

Evozon Cloud proposed migrating Tires-Easy to AWS to address their scalability, security, and cost concerns. This cloud-based solution would automatically adjust resources to meet seasonal peaks in demand for winter and summer tyres, optimizing costs by 50%. A comprehensive migration plan ensured a smooth transition. The plan would follow the “assess, mobilise, migrate and modernise” framework, and the initial analysis phase was to map out all the factors we needed to consider. This involved a thorough initial analysis to identify all critical factors. Following meticulous planning, the actual migration phase would then be executed. The vast number of databases and product pictures created a logistical challenge. Furthermore, connecting Tires-Easy’s existing network of vendors and distributors required precise configuration. To minimise inconvenience, we worked with the customer to determine the best transfer window. The final phase was the modernisation phase, where we used AWS services to significantly improve security, CI/CD pipelines and task automation.

Key Achievements Post AWS Cloud Migration

  • Cost savings: The magic of autoscaling enabled significant cost savings. It automatically changed resources to meet demand, reducing expenses by 50%. During slow periods, fewer resources were used, minimising wasteful costs. Peak seasons, on the other hand, required a scale-up in order to handle the rush without exceeding permanent resources. This dynamic technique optimised resource allocation, resulting in significant infrastructure cost savings.
  • High availability and reliability: The autoscaling infrastructure improved the eShop’s availability and dependability. The workload is distributed across numerous instances, and failed instances are automatically replaced, reducing downtime and ensuring continuous operation.
  • Improved agility: An autoscaling infrastructure offers the flexibility required to respond quickly to changing business needs. As user demand changed, the infrastructure automatically scaled up or down, ensuring that the online store handled the load efficiently. 
  • Scalable growth: Autoscaling enabled Tires-Easy to scale seamlessly as it grew. This scalability allows them to accommodate more users, support business expansion and capture new market opportunities without worrying about infrastructure limitations.
  • Enhances performance and user experience: By dynamically scaling resources, the customer was able to achieve ideal response times, reduce latency, and avoid performance bottlenecks. This improved performance resulted in a better user experience, greater customer happiness, increased engagement, and higher conversion rates.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Tires-Easy made a strategic decision to migrate to the AWS Cloud. This solution answered their question “How can we optimise costs while maintaining our platform’s performance?”. The auto-scalable architecture was the right solution for Tires-Easy. This dynamic technique optimised resource allocation, resulting in significant infrastructure cost savings. If you want to work with us on your Cloud Migration Process, let’s have a chat!