I’m looking for a developer that loves C++ and whether or not you have a lot of experience you will have a desire to master your craft. You will be writing quality new code to the latest guidelines with high performance in mind.  To see what I mean about quality please enjoy the YouTube video here from the creator of C++. Also from CppCon 2014 don’t miss my all time favourite talk by Mike Acton on data driven design, also catch all of Chandler’s talks, Kate’s inspiration to the teachers of C++ and any of Herb Sutter’s enthusiastic talks. From Code::Dive 2014 and 2015 catch our own Andrei Alexandrescu and Scott Meyers fantastic talk on cpu caches and why you care. These talks will give you a glimpse of how we think in C++ at Evozon.

For the project I have in mind you will write code from scratch on our own product which is close to the hardware. You will learn cpu cache tuning, data-driven design, x64 and arm64 architectures, our own network protocol, user and kernel space development, deep dive into qemu, highly secure practices, tamper proofing, virtual disk divers, multi-layered perfect caching, threads, asynchronous interfaces, pxe and much much more.

The target is our own custom Gentoo distribution but if you wish you can be involved in the Windows wddm stuff we need done in the future. You can develop on almost any Linux distro you wish on a powerful workstation with two screens, SSDs and loads of test servers.

You will be working with a small experienced team that is focused on blowing away our competitors outdated, bloated and slow products.

To join us on this journey please use the contact form below or email jobs@evozon.com

Robert Masic.

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