Last Thursday, we were honoured to attend as finalists in the ‘Innovation and Technology‘ category, alongside our partners from e.sic.  Attending the AHK Awards Gala in the vibrant capital of Romania was an exhilarating experience. With a staggering turnout of over 900 participants, the gala provided an ideal platform for networking and connecting with a diverse array of professionals. The event showcased a dynamic atmosphere where ideas flowed freely, fostering meaningful conversations and collaborations.

What is AHK Awards?

The AHK Awards are bilateral prizes that honour and promote German and Romanian companies and their successful projects in the current economic context. They are organized by the The German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Romania), as the official representative of the German economy in Romania.

The evozon project featured at the AHK Awards 2024 is an AI-enhanced software solution for sewer inspection and sewer network management, developed for our partners in Germany, e.sic.

It was an honor to be among the three finalists in the ‘Innovation and new technologies’ category, given the high number of submissions, and this achievement is a testament to the power of collaboration. Our journey together has been marked by shared vision, dedication, and mutual trust.

What is the project that brought us to the finals of the AHK Awards?

The project developed by evozon is a modernized digital platform, SARIDA, that revolutionizes the way sewer inspections and sewer network management are done, with the help of new technologies. It is a service-oriented solution that combines various modules and products for the inspection and maintenance of critical infrastructures: sewer systems, pipelines, tunnels, and many others.

The traditional process meets innovation and, consequently, is significantly improved, the platform offering a holistic end-to-end solution for the sewer inspection process and contributing to the sustainable preservation of value and longevity of the sewer system.

The solution enables AI-based evaluation of sewer inspection data in real time. Damage, such as cracks or burst pipes, can be detected quickly and reliably during sewer inspection. The degree of inspection can be increased and damage detected at an early stage can be repaired at manageable costs.

The data can be evaluated via the web-based service platform on the PC, or directly in the inspection vehicle. Data secure, precise and location-independent.

In this way, SARIDA helps simplify and accelerate the entire inspection process for the benefit of all parties involved, be they sewer inspection companies, engineering offices, or sewer system operators.

One distinguishing feature of the platform is its adaptability to various data types, including video, which is displayed dynamically, the solution being able to extract data from videos and screenshots taken by the robots employed in sewer inspection activities.

AHK Awards - sewer inspection software

The Use of AI: a Showcase of “Innovation and New Technologies” in Sewer Inspections

The advanced AI system specializes in identifying and locating damages in pipes through video analysis. By analyzing the video, it produces a diagram with two insightful views: an overview and a detailed view. These views not only pinpoint the damage’s exact position but also provide accurate details about the type and extent of damage.

AHK Awards - sewer inspection software solution

Furthermore, the AI excels in highlight detection within videos. It goes beyond just identification, by creating a precise visual representation. The system dynamically draws contours, real-time, on the playing video, facilitating a clearer visualization of the detected damage.

With this platform, e.sic exemplifies innovation in sewer infrastructure and inspection services, providing a sustainable and technologically advanced solution that paves the way for future industry advancements.

sewers inspection

The partnership between evozon and the German business landscape

e.sic is a German company that has an international team of AI programmers, data security experts, environmental specialists and sales professionals with two locations in Germ Munich and Ilmenau. Their mission is to support their clients with their state-of-the-art AI and cloud processing technologies.

As a Romanian software development company, our presence in the German-Romanian business environment is marked by a track record of delivering bespoke solutions to multiple German companies. Through collaborative partnerships, we’ve seamlessly integrated our technical expertise with a deep understanding of the German business landscape. This has enabled us to foster long-term relationships built on trust and mutual success, one example being the partnership with e.sic.

Final Thoughts

We are grateful for our client, e.sic, who trusted us with this project. Kudos to the team that worked tirelessly on bringing this idea to life. Together, we navigated challenges, celebrated breakthroughs, and ultimately delivered a custom software solution that not only meets but exceeds expectations.

The recognition inspires us to keep pushing boundaries. Here’s to the journey ahead and stay tuned for a more comprehensive blog post detailing the intricacies of the SARIDA by e.sic platform. We’re excited to share the journey, insights, and the transformative impact it brings.