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Product Definition

In the product definition phase, we have a clear idea about what you want from the product, and what our users want from it. So we start exploring various forms that it can take, and we decide on its blueprint.

  • We carefully analyze all the resources that we gathered and we decide which information is relevant and how it will impact the app.
  • Based on the available demographics and the qualitative studies we conducted, we define our representative user profiles.
  • Will it be a small app or a large one? Will it have simple or complex interactions? We capture the product’s structure and complexity, and the users’ flows and interactions – helping you gain a clear overview of the app, and helping the development team to offer more accurate time estimates.
  • Did you know that, just like people, apps have personalities, too? We define the app’s image, the overall look and feel, the tone of the voice that is used in the copy, and all the elements that impact the emotional side of people.

We select the required artifacts based on the project’s needs, to maximize the benefits that each of them provides. We create the user profiles, personas, information architecture, content frames, storyboards, user flows, logos, branding manuals, etc.

Defining the product in the UX/UI design process


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