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Concept and design

This is the phase where we leave the problem space, and enter the solution space. Here we can focus on visual solutions to each of the problems that we found. Our proposals are always research based, ensuring the smooth and pleasant experience that your users deserve.

  • We cover every different screen of the app to ensure consistency and predictability
  • We offer navigation paths for happy and unhappy flows and detailed interactions with all the components, and various states that they will have.
  • In compliance with the standards and guidelines, we define the project’s style guide – the collection of all elements used in design, like buttons, texts, icons, various controls, in order to ensure their consistency throughout the app.
  • Pixel perfect visual design is done for each page, starting with the smallest screen size and adapting to all screen layouts and resolutions.
  • We also offer clickable prototypes that allow interactions with the app’s navigation and main features, offering a clear view of what the app will do and how it will look.

We consider the user’s mental model, recognized laws like Fittss’ and Hick’s, various heuristics sets, the Gestalt principles, and other measurable aspects like interaction cost, information scent, discoverability, accessibility, perceived affordance, tunnel vision, banner blindness, etc.

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