Not long ago, the European Commission conducted a survey concerning digitalization. According to it, our country ranks last on its list. You’re probably wondering how is that possible considering Romania’s increasing software development industry and its one of the best internet connectivity in the world. The answer is simple: we do not have enough digital skilled workers. Acknowledging the huge potential of digital development, Google launched the Atelierul Digital (Digital Garage) initiative. It is destined for small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs to gain digital marketing skills and to grow faster in the online environment.

The means to achieve this goal are as follows:

  • Free online courses on digital marketing in Romanian with a certification recognized by Google & IAB Europe.
  • A free offline Digital Academy for students.
  • A plentitude of offline events (trainings, workshops, case studies) on digital marketing offered both to students and small and medium-sized business (SMB) owners.
  • Opening “Atelierul Digital” Hubs in the major university cities in Romania for students, entrepreneurs, and for local dedicated events.
  • And free one-on-one mentoring sessions for business owners.

atelierul digital google evozon


Where does Evozon stand in all of this?

We are a technological & operational partner of Google. And as such we are in charge of implementing the project in the Transylvanian region. This means that we will create the setup for the mentoring sessions, and facilitate events in pursuing this aim.

So far, over the course of this last month and a half we have been working with the top 5 students in Cluj who graduated the Google Digital Academy earlier this spring. They were trained in becoming digital marketing consultants. Together with them, we offer free consultancy on digital marketing tailored for each particular startup, SMB or NGO that comes by the Atelierul Digital Cluj Hub (located at the Faculty of Business, Horea St., no. 7, 1st floor, room 121) and wants to learn more about the field, to find the platform that best suit their project and to measure the results.

The same thing will happen in Timisoara. It will start in early October and soon after in other cities in the region, all under our guidance and tutoring. And these are just the first steps. So make sure to keep an eye out for more cool stuff to follow.

If you are curious about Atelierul Digital or want to be among the first beneficiaries, visit our website and sign-up for a free digital “tune-up”. We’ll get in touch.  We’ll set up a meeting and make sure you make the most out of the online opportunities out there.