August 2016

Thorin.js – a new Node framework, made in Cluj

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Last month we got the chance to host the first edition of the helloJS Academy, a series of learning events for the JavaScript community made under the helloJS banner. The helloJS Academy aims to grow and teach the JavaScript community through a series of technical events and trainings. It’s a platform where JavaScripters and

Desktop Applications with NWJS

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It’s been an exciting few years for JavaScript; new devices and technologies are pushing the boundaries of what we thought we could do with the language. For many years my playground was the browser… it wasn’t always a nice playground, it was full of bullies like IE7 and his older brother, the brutal IE6,

July 2016

Embedded JavaScript: Traffic lights

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As more and more hardware related initiatives started to float around our department, we decided in February to buy a few development boards that run JavaScript code. We knew that JavaScript has a very creative community who managed to put it to good use outside the browser, but running it on an embedded system

May 2016

First steps into React Native

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When I was told I am going to work on a React Native project... My thoughts before starting? mobile applications are tough; there are too many devices; iOS and Android, not a joke; apps must run smoothly; My thoughts now? it’s still javascript, and I love this part; I can debug the app using

April 2016

Objects in JavaScript, an overview

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I don't know about you, but when I started to learn JavaScript, there were a few things that really confused the hell out of me. And the worst part is that the internet really didn't help with this issue of mine. My confusion was formed mostly around Objects. There are a lot of different

JavaScript: Composition > Inheritance

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So you’re building an application. You’re making a point from the get-go that it should be clean, clear, well documented and that it shouldn’t have any code duplication whatsoever. You’re using JavaScript so inheritance is surely the way to go… right? Hold it right there; let’s talk about this. What does it mean to