Last month we got the chance to host the first edition of the helloJS Academy, a series of learning events for the JavaScript community made under the helloJS banner. The helloJS Academy aims to grow and teach the JavaScript community through a series of technical events and trainings. It’s a platform where JavaScripters and Noders can talk, share, learn and connect.  The topic for this first edition was Thorin.js, a framework developed in Cluj.

Thorin.js - a new Node framework

Thorin.js is a modular framework made in node.js that helps you focus more on actual development and less on making things work. It has a single core module that is used and extended by other modules and components. Basically, you can pick and choose which components are best for the task at hand. Being a modular framework, you have options. And that is the whole idea behind Thorin, options and modules for each function or task. You can use it too easily:

  • Boot up a pre-configured web-server, sanitize and validate all your input
  • Render static HTML files using a templating engine, compile your less & sass styles
  • Integrate centralized logging with
  • Use secure sessions in your requests, stored in redis, MySQL or file system
  • Use already written components for some wide-spread services (Redis, ElasticSearch, Sequelize)
  • Use a centralized dispatcher to handle your redux actions via HTTP or WebSockets
  • Schedule recurring tasks that may use a redis queue to process events
  • Extend the core functionality with use-case specific plugins
  • Integrate with’s discovery system for microservice discovery & authorization
  • And much much more…

Check out the full documentation here! Thorin is a powerful framework, proudly made in Cluj, proving once again the ingenuity and technical know-how that we have in this great city of ours.

HelloJS organized the training, with plans for more editions in the future, so stay tuned. Adrian Bunta, Thorin creator, held the training. The training had several sections. It began with a theoretical presentation on Thorin. This presentation detailed the why, how, and when of the journey that led to the creation of such a framework. After that, it was followed by a few sessions of live coding, where participants created a few examples to get a better grip on how Thorin works – three applications that work as microservices part of the larger todo app. You can check out the full training on the hello.JS Youtube channel.

Innovation is the cornerstone of software development and we’re happy to say it’s right at home in Cluj. Thorin.js is just one example that puts the Cluj Napoca JavaScript and Node.js community on the map.



Article written by Samuel Andras