Following the end of our 4 weeks of Testing Internship, we interviewed three of our interns.

Here’s what they had to say:

How was your learning experience in our Testing Internship?

  • “It was a very nice experience. The presentations were very well done, with relevant topics for each test module. The time given for the exercises related to each of these topics was enough, giving us time to take in this knowledge and put it into practice.”
  • “I really enjoyed that you took our opinion into account on what we could improve with this internship and we were always encouraged to come up with ideas for the learning process to make it as easy as possible.”
  • “Captivating, challenging, and intense are just some of the ways I can describe this experience. I mostly liked the fact that we always had a presentation or a small workshop before, after which we put ourselves on the job and applied everything we learned.”

.How did the knowledge accumulated in this Internship help you?

  • “It gave me a general look over Testing. It’s also much clearer now to see this process in comparison with development and also see how necessary it is.”
  • “I have a better understanding of the importance of Testing and I think I’ve gained a lot of knowledge. The fact that we did both manual testing and automated testing on an e-commerce site gave us the experience of what it means to be on a real project, the problems that may arise, and how to solve such situations.”
  • “Not knowing much about Testing before, I can honestly say that in 4 weeks I learned a lot about manual, automatic and OOP Testing. Not only will I apply them both in my future experience in this field as well as in college, but I want to build as much as possible now that I have set my grounds.”

What did you like the most until now?

  • “Writing test cases and automation testing were the most interesting parts. Test cases because they made you think both inside and outside the box in finding out the many diverse situations to place the applications and test automation because we were putting in practice the case tests we built beforehand.”
  • “I appreciated the ease with which I worked with both trainers and other colleagues, especially when I worked in the team. The fact that we were as close as possible to what it means to be on a project, the role of each member, and everything that happens when a project starts and ends is helping us a lot in understanding the role and responsibilities that we have.”
  • “I like the vibe you feel in the whole company the best. People are very friendly and they were always willing to give us help if we needed it. I also felt good because of the trainers, they were patient with us, gave us feedback, they listened to our ideas and explained what improvements we could bring before we got the job done.”

Go wild, and tell us what you think now that you’ve finished the Testing Internship.

  • “It was an internship that I consider very successful. The learning mixture, practical exercises, Happy Fridays and many ping-pong hours have made these 4 weeks an experience that I am glad to have had.”
  • “The learning atmosphere was very enjoyable and relaxed. We’ve greatly appreciated that there have been several learning methods: theoretical presentations, demos, practical parts, games in which we applied previously accumulated knowledge and last but not least, a Testathon.”
  • “The 4 weeks passed very quickly because you always had something to do and did not have time to get bored in the hours here. We took advantage of the coffee breaks to know each other, know the trainers, or find tips & tricks from the former interns. We had a workshop that simulated what it means to work on a project, where we combined the work part with the fun, we met our colleagues better after teamwork training and finally, we had a Testathon on a real application that animated our spirits and was very challenging.
    For me, the Evozon Testing Internship meant learning, friendship, challenge, and diversity. 10 people with different visions, different approaches, and yet all willing to learn as much knowledge as possible. In a few words, I would summarize this experience in the following way: I started with a smile and ended up with an even wider smile!”


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