Security meetup evozon

The information security issue is crucial for professional activity within most domains, especially the IT one. As such, it comes as a given that any changes in legislation, trends, threats, or products on cybersecurity are “hot” & challenging subjects. Curious of such topics, security enthusiasts gathered, last week, for an interesting discussion on the matter. The Security Community Cluj organized the meet-up. And we hosted it at our headquarters.

The first speaker was Flaviu Plesu. He is a professional responsible for information risk management at Markit (London UK), with over 10 years of experience. Flaviu talked about the new EU-wide legislation and its implications. The changes conveyed by the European Parliament, Council, and Commission have ramifications for the entire business community of the EU. So, the insights he gave were extremely valuable.  The whole discussion was captivating. At least one conclusion could be drawn: companies should definitely reevaluate their data protection policies in the near future, and that’s just to say the least. (*** For more details you can check out the press release on the matter)

The second presentation brought to our attention a new technology designed to transform the authentication process into a safer and easier one. UNLOQ, developed by our own Mircea Patachi & Adrian Bunta, replaces the “crackable” passwords with a mobile application. Basically, once a user profile has been validated, all authentication requests are forwarded to the user’s smartphone. These can be approved or rejected. Most likely, you can imagine by now, how such a product can be not only relevant for cybersecurity enthusiasts, but also intriguing. We weren’t at all surprised to witness the lively discussion that followed the presentation.

All in all, the security meet-up turned out to be worthy of our time, giving all the attendees something to “chew” on.