Every year, Santa travels the globe to deliver gifts and joy. He has one day to complete his mission. From what we know, he has never failed so far. He has always been on time. And, he has never missed a house. These are impressive facts, considering that he:

  • uses the same sled;
  • has the same reindeer team;
  • has the same elves team.

Now, take these facts and mix them with the next one. According to History, Santa has been around since 280. Ignoring the fact that he’s 1740 years old, the population back then was approx 200 million. Now we’re 7.8 billion.


Santa uses Mobility-as-a-Service

How does he do it?

Well, there’s only one reasonable answer: Santa is using Mobility-as-a-Service.

Mobility-as-a-Service is a consumer-centric model for people transportation. It helps fleets increase efficiency and flexibility. And managers gather data and insights faster and easier. So, why would Santa be using MaaS?

Depending on the MaaS platform, we can have the following data available:

  • the fastest route to a specific place;
  • performance reports on previous trips;
  • if a vehicle has to go in service;
  • the reason a vehicle has to go in service;
  • the battery/fuel level;
  • the costs;
  • behavior in traffic;
  • team’s status.

Spy on Santa’s journey

I bet he uses his own MaaS solution. Check out his performance and you’ll see. You can spy on his Christmas Eve journey around the world Google’s tool. They even record his journey live on Youtube. And, if you want to analyze the situation more, they have his previous trips available there too.

Remember when Helsinki shook the world in 2017 with Whim? According to them, it’s “the first all-inclusive MaaS solution commercially available on the market”. You have to take a step back guys, Santa has been on this trend for at least a few decades!


During the past years, the popularity of MaaS solutions has been increasing. Due to this, PwC predicts the number of cars will decline by 2025. And that’s amazing news! But if we want to speed up the process, we should ask Santa to lend us his platform. It looks like it’s better than everything currently available on the market.

There are other things we can do until Santa shares his solution with us. Like tracking him on Christmas Eve to see what kind of features he might have and start working on them too. Imagine implementing his technology in the public and private sectors. We could assure high performance at low costs. Avoid risks and emergencies related to either our drivers or assets. In-depth performance analysis and an insightful overview of…anything! Sounds like the dream of any fleet manager.

If Santa can, we can too! It’s high time we focus more on our Mobility-as-a-Service strategy. So, if you want to read more on MaaS, check out this article on MaaS in the public sector. Or this one on the 5 benefits of MaaS in businesses, or this one on what is Maas.

But, if you want to stay in the holiday spirit, visit Santa’s village to check out the North Pole vibe before Christmas. Happy holidays!