reMove your Hardware to Cluj, relocate

Shhhhhh, we’re building something here. It’s awesome, but we need a larger team. So join us, we’re a welcoming bunch! We love Cluj and we’re sure you’ll love it too, so we invite you to safely reMove your hardware to Cluj!

Why? Here are some of the answers:

Who are we? We’re bright developers who create the most amazing pieces of software for our projects. We love casual, we adore fun. The ‘all work, no play’ idea just doesn’t sit well with us.  

Life in Evozon – We think of Evozon as a space for growth, not only professional but also as a human being.  We care that you become a better person by working with us. Here’s a few details about life in Evozon. 

Benefits – Our benefits work for you, because we want you to be well taken care of.

How? – There’s so much going on at Evozon, we’re always on the lookout for bright and talented individuals to join us in a variety of roles. Send us word of who you are and what you’ll love to do in the future.  We always have job openings.  You can contact us anytime, by using email or LinkedIn, and check our job openings and ongoing career opportunities here.

What? – Whether is software outsourcing OR our own projects, we’re really good at what we do. That’s not arrogance – that’s confidence. Join us, and you’ll be part of a team that takes pride in its work every day. You could be on your way out to see our clients, scattered around the world, as part of our happy bunch – or you could stay at our offices and get your head down, beavering away on the latest project … Whatever it is that you’re doing in our team, you’ll do it with passion, we know that. So, reMove your hardware to Cluj!