Product Tank meetup at evozon HQ

Last week, Product Tank, a community of product enthusiasts, organized a meet-up that raised up for discussion the issue of “dreaded” analytics, when it comes to building products.

The speakers talked from their own experience as product managers, revealing several challenges and opportunities they have encountered, and the methodology behind these.

The first speaker, our own Alexandra Baban, gave us some valuable insight into the development of Calendis, a recently launched tool used for efficient appointment management. Calendis is designated for businesses in the field of dentistry or beauty centers, where they usually depend on an extensive client database and require appointments for the services provided. With concrete examples, Alexandra managed to offer a comprehensive view on how analytics helped product development by surfacing clues such as where certain features could be added or improved.

Shortly after, Catrinel Fratean, founder at, revealed the story of her journey as an “unproduct” manager, meaning all the challenges she faced when building an online platform for making photo-collages. In her case, closely following analytics, gave her insights that led to creating a strategy to distinguish her business from the competition as well as to promote it to the right audience.

And finally, Julian Padurariu, the entrepreneur who introduced the first car sharing system in Romania, talked about this ingenious, but challenging product. In the case of PONY, analytics turned out useful for many aspects such as engaging early adopters and make them brand ambassadors, determining how the mobile app could be improved or even how to get a better pricing system.

Each of these captivating talks were followed by a short, but fruitful session of Q&As and altogether the meet up proved to be useful for all the attendees.