We’ve asked a couple of our former interns & now colleagues about their Java Internship experience. And we’ve had a chat with Paul. He told us some behind-the-scenes details and decided to share snippets of his wholesome answers regarding the experience he had during the internship program with you.

Q: Tell us a myth you heard about internships.

A: That people think they’re going to the military bootcamp and they get stressed out, especially when we’re talking about their first internship.


Q: What is the most valuable thing you gained from this internship?

A: Sometimes you’re not going to be starting at the same level as someone else and you’ll have to learn to compensate for that. If you’re behind, try harder and catch up. And when you’re ahead, help the others catch up with you, and work as a team. Being friendly and trying to make people comfortable around you can go a long way.


Q: What was the most challenging part of the internship?

A: I’m studying Automation and Systems Engineering, however I had no prior experience working in web development. Thankfully, with some patience from my fellow interns and some guidance from the mentors, I managed to catch up and do my part in the internship project just fine.


Q: What would you say to the pre-internship-you?

A: “Relax dude, you’re not going to disappoint anyone. Not even yourself.”


Q: What would you say to potential future interns?

A: Enjoy the experience and keep asking for feedback. I can’t stress this enough. Be humble and respectful, but don’t back down if you’re not convinced you’re wrong. Keep asking questions. Oh, and don’t forget about making friends. It’s so easy to overlook this, but it’s essential. You’ll see for yourself.

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