STEP INSIDE EVOZON: we’re opening our doors!

Come meet us on March 17th, 2017!

open day banner evozon career opportunity


We love spring for oh, so many reasons, but an old favourite of ours is the Open Day event, because we get to meet a lot of amazing people. Plus, we have the chance to show them around and let them know what technologies we’re working with are all about.

Therefore, save the date, don’t make any other plans & join us on March 17th, 2017 for an Evozon tour. Come listen to our inside stories, and pick our brainz on business, culture, tech stack && internship programs.

The when, where & how:

March 17th, evozon  – 62, Calea Motilor. Details & event agenda coming soon. Stay close!

Step inside by registering here until March 15th & wait for the confirmation e-mail.

Until we meet, happy coding!