PHP Pre-employment training 2017

One month after we launched the Open Call, our selected trainees are finally here for day #1 of the PHP pre-employment training.

Over the course of the next 10 weeks, they will participate in a wide range of activities: tech presentations, team projects, individual assignments and soft skill trainings.

The training sessions are designed to give them a 360° view of PHP development processes with a practical approach. Our new colleagues will learn, work with and implement design principles, best practices, design patterns, environment tools, custom models and custom core functionalities.

Evozon’s PHP pre-employment training also offers trainees the chance to continue or start their career with one of the best technical teams in Transylvania.

The first part of the training consists of a 6-week applied course on PHP basics. The second part will focus on using a specific framework in an applied team project either in Magento or Symfony.  

As a welcome note on our possible-future-colleagues first day on the job, let’s see what our trainers’ thoughts on the mentoring process are:

What motivates you to get involved in trainings?

The honor to have a contribution to my future colleagues’ professional journey.” – Diana, Magento backend developer  

“Their desire to absorb knowledge, as a sponge. The chance of meeting that one `Jesus Christ` of programming that you just feel is the right fit, thinks clearly and logically and you can just feel his or her talent and determination that screams to be harnessed the hell out of. And I want to do just that.” – Calin P., Symfony2 Developer  

How does this PHP training benefit you?

First of all, it’s interesting! And it’s an opportunity to get to know different mindsets. To see problems dealt with from different angles and perspectives, sometimes fresher ones.

Diversity is another strong reason why I like trainings. Working with people with different professional backgrounds makes you get out of your head.” – Calin B., Web Developer

It gives me the opportunity to constantly adapt to new and fresh minds, experience new techniques, evaluate the results and prepare a strategy for improvement.” – Diana, Magento backend developer  

It brings you down to earth in a good way. Senior developers and architects sometimes complicate solutions which can be solved easier and with less lines of code.

I like trainings and mentorship because they reel you back to the simplicity of solutions”. – Calin P., Symfony2 Developer


We’ll keep you posted with how the PHP pre-employment training is going through our Twitter so stay tuned by following us.

Happy Learning, team Magento!

Oh, and one more thing – If you’re into PHP but intern status doesn’t really apply to you anymore, there are other ways you can join our team. Get in touch and we’re sure we can work something out.


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