We’re an organization focused on continuous learning. It’s one of our main traits. And one of the things you’ll see highlighted on our website. So, it’s natural for us to have an internal Learning & Development department (also called L&D) that makes sure our colleagues have access to a wide range of opportunities that allow them to stay in a continuous learning process. 

From training programs to workshops, one-to-one coaching, managing different types of communities, guidance on how to change career paths, and organizing events with relevant speakers for important topics to our colleagues, our Learning & Development team has a pretty busy schedule. They’re constantly working on improving their materials as they want to deliver information that fits the audience’s needs and that is as accurate, as up-to-date, and as scientifically proofed as possible. Also, they’re the ones we go to when we need a bit of general guidance (not necessarily related to professional development).

So, let’s take a look at some of the learning communities you’ll find across evozon. 

1. The PM (Project Manager) Group

The PM Group puts at the same table the Project Managers from our organization. They can talk about their experiences, exchange tips and tricks, provide feedback, ask for advice, or get support in the process of becoming a PM. In the PM Group there are two types of activities happening:

The PM Community 

This one gathers every PM and provides them a space to share their insights, highs, lows, and lessons learned. It’s important to have people around you who encounter similar experiences. As the community is an informal one, it backs up our efforts to help people grow both professionally and personally. Also, it helps us ensure everyone is aligned with the general objectives of our organization. 

Well-Rounded PM

Our no.1 resource on how to be, as the name says, a well-rounded PM. It’s a guideline we’ve created based on how evozoners (department managers, developers, HRs, clients, and so on) view a PM. So, by asking the ones who interact with Project Managers for their input in developing this documentation, we gathered important insights that help us better coach our PMs and future PMs. Basically, we know what the clients, the teams, and the leadership expect from a Project Manager. Thus, PMs have a better overview of what others want and need from them.

2.  The BA (Business Analyst) Group 

Similar to the PM Group, the BA group gathers the Business Analysts across evozon together. The Group has the same purpose, working as an umbrella for the BA Community and Well-Rounded BA. 

The BA Community

We enjoy creating contexts where people learn from each other and offering opportunities to connect with the ones who go through similar experiences. As the community stays united and supportive, it positively impacts each member. Knowing there are people having your back and on whom you can count for feedback, advice, and general support can be a comforting thought.

Well-Rounded BA

This is a different Well-Rounded community, focused on BAs. Similar to our approach for the PMs, we collected people’s thoughts on how they view great Business Analysts. And. thanks to all the data, we put together helpful documentation that provides support in a BA’s development process.

3. Well-Rounded HR

One more Well-Rounded group, this time for HR. It’s important to have a space where HRs can update their know-how constantly. Also, it’s the space where HRs talk about industry news, check various tools to implement, and generally share various valuable information. 

4. Basic Tech Education Program (BYTE)

BYTE came to life to ensure non-tech and tech people from Evozon speak the same language. It’s a long-term learning program where tech trainers teach non-tech fellows about the basic concepts used in daily conversations with either teams or clients. Basically, BYTE helps us stay on the same wavelength when it comes to tech talks and topics. 

5. The UX Community 

Where the learning happens for the User Experience professionals (UX) fellows! It’s a space that gives our UX team the chance to connect with each other while debating industry topics. Sometimes, there are UX courses provided by our UX seniors for junior and middle-level colleagues. Fun fact: it’s the only community not led or co-led by an HR person, but by a UX senior. 

6. PM Learning 

The place where PMs get their noses in the books, for real. PM Learning is a long-term learning program that gathers all PMs together on a weekly basis to tackle industry topics. The purpose is to create a safe learning space for our project managers or leaders and keep them in a growth zone. Also, it’s an opportunity for those who want to shift towards leading a team or a project to take the first steps. 

7. BA Learning 

Similar to PM Learning, but adapted for BAs. It’s the place where Business Analysts can increase their industry knowledge or start shifting towards a BA role.

8. Tech Leadership

Where our tech leaders come together and share their takes on how to achieve excellence in every project/activity/action. It’s helpful from an alignment perspective too, as every tech leader from each department can check if they are on the same page as everyone else. If not, they’ll know they have to make some adjustments to their approach. 

Final Thoughts

A big part of our focus goes towards building relevant communities where our colleagues can grow together. We’re interested in creating meaningful connections which determine our colleagues to stay in the learning zone. As the saying “your tribe is your vibe” goes, we’re focused on creating tribes that foster continuous learning. The process of learning doesn’t have the same meaning it had in school – there’s nobody telling you what’s right or wrong. Now, you have a safe space where you can ask questions, give and receive feedback, and share ideas. 

But, besides these communities, we have our backs covered when it comes to training sessions as well. Our internal events platform, EvoTalks, is where evozoners or external trainers host events. The topics vary a lot and don’t have to be related to the tech industry. Some examples of topics covered on EvoTalk are at-home cooking, keeping our kids active, bank loans, investments, taking care of our house plants, and staying on the bright side of life. Learning & Development doesn’t imply focusing only on your main field of work. If you want to better understand the purpose of our Learning & Development team, check out this article.

What do you do to keep yourself in a continuous learning process? We also have our internal library, where anyone from Evozon can borrow books for a period of time. They are mainly technical, but, you can find books on Marketing, HR, and other topics. And, we’re constantly looking for and testing ideas to see how we can better foster a continuous-learning vibe across evozon. So, don’t hesitate to share your cool ideas with us!