Starting with April 2017, Evozon Systems is the newest SensioLabs Bronze Partner. Evozon is providing Symfony and PHP full-stack expertise to customers from anywhere in the world.

Having worked together on various projects so far, both with SensioLabs France and SensioLabs Germany, we mutually agreed it was about time to take this relationship to the next level and formally join the leading Symfony and PHP business ecosystem. But more than just delivering a bunch of projects, the experience was a successful collaboration. This also gave us the opportunity to test this partnership’s potential, while proving along the way that we’re up to SensioLabs’ standards.   

Our Symfony team started out small but grew organically. We’re really proud to have seen them evolve over the years into an important part of our PHP department. The team is building projects with high technical complexity, which has fed their constant craving for challenging solutions.

This partnership brings a lot of benefits for our colleagues, who are excited to continue the learning process started last year with the head of training from SensioLabs France: Hugo Hamon. Some of them have already completed the Symfony development training and have obtained their certifications. A few others are currently studying to follow in their footsteps, so good luck to them!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with SensioLabs yet, you should know they are the creators and caretakers of Symfony. They have been huge promoters of the Open-Source movement since 1998. They’ve managed to connect dozens of companies and PHP specialists in a dynamic community through the SensioLabs International Network. They connected the dots between proficient development providers and professionals in need of custom applications from all over the world.

Being part of the SensioLabs Network has been the second strategic target for our PHP department, after the partnership with Magento, as it determines the complexity of the projects we’re working on, sets a higher standard for business objectives, while also endorsing our position in the international community of PHP professionals.   

We’re looking forward to this journey together and, most importantly, to what we’ll learn along the way.   


The Team