Cow Kapow

It all started with a team of warrior cows who wanted to get a bit in the spotlight. Cow Kapow! is a turn-based strategy game with real tactical depth provided by the 100+ weapons of Grass Destruction, randomly generated terrain, and starting position.

Choosing from a wide array of weapons and items you can break havoc on the opposing team of warrior cows, with surprising combos of moving, jumping, charging, and attacking.

Since this jewel could not be kept away for long, we decided to let the world decide whether it was worth unleashing the cute battle cows upon the unsuspecting world. Therefore we proceeded to submit the game to a community known for its taste in gaming, the Steam Greenlight programme. The Steam Greenlight is the community of subscribers voting for new games thus validating your creation among other submissions.

In the first days of our submission we got an impressive spike in votes and the comments were mostly positive. We managed to get featured in two indie game Steam Collections, followed by around 2500 users each.

Normally things slowed down in the following days but in an interesting turn of events we got the last push of votes literally overnight. Last Wednesday morning as we logged into our profile we discovered that the people have spoken and that Cow Kapow! was greenlit on Steam.

So, some stats about our adventure on Steam Greenlight:

Time to Greenlight: 17 days

Demographics: 85% of the visitors were between 18 and 35 years old

Featured on: 2 Steam Collections, 5000 users in total

About the Studio:

Amused Sloth

Founded in 2010, AmusedSloth was created with a single purpose in mind: make great games.
After a fun start with Chickens Can Dream and Chickens Can’t Fly on Windows Phone, published by Microsoft XBOX Live, totalling over 450000 downloads on all mobile platforms, we’re now expanding to all mobile platforms as well as PC with 2 new games.

More about it: