Is your team aligned with your Product Vision?

You think you’ve got an awesome vision for your product. You even have a team coding away at making that vision a reality.

Does every member in your team have the same vision as you? If you were to ask your team members individually what the billion dollar vision is, what would they say? How would they describe it?

Do they all have the same vision?

Well, been there, done that. Here’s 5 practical things you can do to get everyone aligned in your team.

Step 1: The Dream

State the big dream in one clear sentence so that anyone can easily recite it from memory.

Step 2: The Elevator Pitch

Describe in a short paragraph what your solution is and why people should care so that everyone knows what it is that they’re building and why.

Step 3: The UVP

Define in a concise sentence the unique value proposition of the product with the intent of aligning everyone on what makes your product special and why you should all believe in its success.

Step 4: The Poster

Design a poster that describes the vision at a glance and distribute copies generously to be placed across common office areas, meeting rooms and private offices.

Step 5: The Card

Create a pocket-sized card that describes the vision concisely and provides a common marketing language so that essentially every team member becomes a marketing agent.

What do you think?

How do you communicate your vision to your team?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on that.

Dan Calinescu

This article was originally published here.