Not so long ago, in a galaxy far from being away, a team of 6 people took it upon themselves to solve problems for drones, drone enthusiasts and drone haters alike. Their name is Techarus and they arrived last Saturday at the NASA Space Apps Challenge with Project  D.I.L.F. (Drone I’d Like to Fly) to try to end all suffering.

At first everybody was happy, little did they know what they were up against. On location they met lots of interesting people with expertise ranging from aeronautics to plants growth, also some business analysis, big data and programming language gurus, some of which were even their direct competitors.

Each passing hour, the pressure increased, it went from a relaxed Saturday development with laughs, pizza and beer, to developing while fully wearing winter gear inside a sauna, on Sunday, because the end of the hackathon was swiftly approaching and their project needed more development time for a successful ending; and finally, their presentation needed another work-over.

Sunday, at noon, each and every one was giving all they had, testing the platform, the drone controlling app while creating new mock-ups for the presentation.

The fun just hit the fan 🙂 it was P-time, before the presentation of course, so you don’t make a fool of yourself before pitching your project to a room filled with smartphones and cameras that transmitted live, with people that were judging you…because they were supposed to, being judges and all :).

It was their time to shine, they were going to be magnificent and glorious, their hitter was going to knock it out of the park, the pitcher was waiting for the “release the drone” command, the team was behind them, supporting them all the way… But emotions and programming languages usually break both you and your project when you have to make a demonstration… The hitter fumbled, the pitcher dropped the drone and the team was suffering silently behind, watching how the application went up in flames,; basically, everything that could go wrong, well you know, went wrong…

Nevertheless they enjoyed this opportunity with everything it had to offer, new experiences, meeting new and awesome people, learning things.

Have no fear you will definitely get the chance to see or hear more about them and their projects as they will be…


The project was about protecting you (drone pilot), your drones and others that might otherwise be in harm’s way while you fly your drone for fun, take photos, videos and stop the drone by flying in a no-fly zone risking a ticket, damage or trespassing on a private property.

For more details about the challenge access this link.

NASA Hackathon Space Apps Challenge

Project D.I.L.F (Drones I’d Like to Fly) team at the NASA Space Apps Challenge