Many things happened during 2017 for Calendis, an online booking solution developed in-house within Evozon’s Perl department.

The journey started around 2014. It had the goal of creating an online tool that would allow users to easily book appointments for everyday services. These services are offered by beauty salons, sports facilities, medical clinics, and many others. The app also helps such businesses better manage their appointments, their time, and their relationship with clients and employees.

In a nutshell, Calendis offers a modern solution for:

  • End users – through There, users can make appointments for services they are interested in without having to call the businesses offering them.
  • Businesses – through There, business owners and their employees can manage their appointments, monitor their activity and do many more things.

Currently, 37.5% of the businesses using the Calendis appointment management solution are from the beauty industry. But, Calendis Business is suitable for a large variety of businesses. Our current business clients fall within industries such as medical (18.75%), dental medicine (12.5%), veterinary medicine (12.5%), sports and fitness (9.38%), and others which include psychology, fashion, and auto repairs (9.37%).

Calendis 2017 Infographic

Calendis 2017 Infographic

Businesses that use our appointment management solution can choose to have a profile page on They can allow their customers to book their appointments online, while also allowing many other users to discover them and their services.

Several businesses from different industries joined us last year and chose to offer their clients the possibility of online appointments through a profile page on But that’s not the only good thing that happened last year.

For Calendis, 2017 meant:

Significant growth in active users

2017 was a year in which we hit a couple of noteworthy milestones when it comes to the number of active users on We consider active users those users who have created a Calendis account and have made at least one online appointment for themselves on the platform.

Our first milestone was in March, when reached 10.000 active users. It didn’t take long for that number to double. During September of last year, hit 20.000 active users and that number is steadily growing as we speak.

Calendis 2017 Infographic 2

Since most businesses (over 80%) with an online profile page on are based in Cluj-Napoca, the majority of these thousands of active users are also from the city where Calendis was created in.

Businesses using the Calendis appointment management solution, with or without an online profile page, are generally based in Cluj-Napoca (over 70%). Other such businesses are based in Bucharest, Apahida, Dej, Constanța, Bistrița, Oradea, and Sibiu.

Improving the platforms

The latest improvement involves the end-user platform ( Users who visit the platform to make online appointments for the services they’re interested in will notice a new design, a faster flow for making their appointments, and several other changes. If you feel like it, take a look and tell us what you think.

During the middle part of 2017, notable changes have been made to the business platform ( The new design alongside the updated information allows for a better experience in the discovery phase for non-logged-in users who are checking out Calendis Business.

Besides this, users who already have a Calendis Business account have seen the addition of new features, such as the possibility of introducing and managing client subscriptions for the services they offer. Several other improvements have been planned and are in the making in order to help users have a better overall experience with Calendis Business.

Starting strategic partnerships

Towards the end of 2017, Calendis started discussions for partnerships with leading providers in Romania that aim to support national entrepreneurs through the benefits brought by Calendis Business. Details regarding these partnerships will be announced at a later date, so stay tuned.

And also on the topic of partnerships…

Involvement in the local community

In 2016, Calendis started a partnership with the Cluj-Napoca City Hall which entailed that the Calendis Business solution will be used for Baza Sportivă Gheorgheni (a public sports facility opened by the City Hall) and that users will be able to reserve the sports facilities available at Baza Sportivă Gheorgheni online, through

By making it possible for the local community to make online reservations to a public sports facility with free access, Calendis featured on last year’s list of apps that make our city, Cluj-Napoca, a smart city.

Our involvement in the community doesn’t stop there. We’re also helping the MIRA Interactive Recovery Center manage their appointments free of charge. MIRA helps people, especially children, with neurological, orthopedic, and rheumatological problems that require physical and psychosocial rehabilitation. At the same time, the center also helps those who are economically or otherwise disadvantaged benefit from these kinds of rehabilitation processes. You can also check out their services on

We have plans of becoming even more involved in the community during 2018, but you will also find out more details about that on a later date.

All in all, 2017 was the year in which Calendis grew a lot. We are always taking market feedback into account. And we’re always looking for new opportunities, whether technical or strategic. So, growing is a process that will never stop for us.

by Team Calendis