Testing Camp, Tabara de Testare

We’re happy to announce that we’ll be attending the Autumn Camp 2015 (Tabara de testare). This year’s testing camp will take place from 24th to 27th September at Cabana Balu in Harghita Băi, and it’s powered by Tabara de Testare.

Tabara de Testare is a community built around a group of testers and other professionals from the IT industry. Their meetings take place monthly and the main purpose is to learn from each other’s professional experiences by sharing knowledge and other useful insights.

A few of our colleagues responded to the Autumn Camp’s challenge to host several workshops during this event. So, on Friday morning we will meet with Geo who will share some knowledge about Assertive Communication, what it means, why is it useful, and how to use it. Saturday, two of our colleagues (Andrei Pușoiu & Daniel Ciobanu) will host an interesting workshop on Security Testing. See you at Autumn camp!

Tabara de Testare