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Monitoring and review

We remain available throughout all the development process (including monitoring and review), collaborating with the development team to ensure that the product’s vision and quality are implemented, and offer support when they encounter new situations.

  • We perform visual QAs where we inspect the application to check its compliance with the defined style guide and page design.
  • We add our findings in a prioritized QA report used by our development team.

But what if your requests are more specific?

  • If you need to know the cause of a problem or how exactly it occurs, summative usability tests are perfect for this. External tools for mouse-tracking also offer great insight into people’s behaviour, allowing us to detect and prioritize potential problems.
  • If you want to find out the extent of a problem or how great its impact, we use external web analytics tools to monitor your app’s performance and to gather and analyze the usage data.
  • Standard surveys, or customized feedback forms integrated with your app are a great source of information about subjective satisfaction levels but also for objective measures like perfect or partial success, error rates or times spent to perform a task.
  • And if you just want to see how your existing app stands, we offer usability inspection reports – rating the app’s compliance with sets of recognized usability principles.
monitoring and review


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