We see technology as a tool to deliver value for our customers and we focus on development of custom applications.

Excellence in developing systems and applications with Microsoft technologies

We surround ourselves with passionate developers and we want to constantly evolve. We believe in collaborating with our clients to deliver the software applications and systems they dream about. That’s why we follow the software development life cycle bringing together the right people for the job: business analysts, software architects, software developers, quality assurance engineers, user interface and user experience designers, and dev ops.

Our knowledge of agile software development methodologies, software architecture methodologies, software principles, design patterns, test driven development, continuous integration, and extreme programming practices help us create the right software for our customers and end users.

We are continuously learning and sharing the passion for craftsmanship with authors like Kent Beck, Robert Martin and Martin Fowler. Among the books that helped us evolve towards professional software developers are The Software Craftsman by Sandro Mancuso or Building Evolutionary Architectures by Neal Ford.


We see technology as a tool to deliver value for our customers and we focus on development of custom applications with strong requirements on performance, scalability, testability, extensibility and robustness. We have significant experience with NET Framework, using C#, mostly in ASP.NET. We’ve also started building applications using .NET Core, ASP.NET Core and Entity Framework Core.

Our web applications are usually based on a range of frameworks or libraries, just to mention some: React, TypeScript, Angular, Telerik Reports, DevExpress.

Real time web functionality is assured by ASP.NET SignalR Core, messaging with RabbitMQ, Office look and feel by the Office UI Fabric.

For always-on, scalable, distributed apps we use MS Service Fabric or the Azure Cloud, and with the help of Docker we are able to offer true independence between the applications.

Data is held in MS SQL Server databases, sometimes offering reports using SQL Server Reporting Services, but for cost effective solutions we use PostgreSQL.

microsoft gold certified partner

Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint makes it easy to distribute information, and share it among users, automatically. From basic configuration to complex .Net development and customizations, you can rely on our experienced SharePoint developers to customise cost-effective SharePoint solutions.

Alternatively, we can use SharePoint to tailor-make a solution just for you. Whether its workflow tools based on WWF, business intelligence applications, SharePoint Excel services, electronic forms, at Evozon we can design and implement all the custom software solutions you need.