About us

Evozon is a software and consulting services agency. With bases in London and Romania, Evozon offers custom software solutions, business analysis and project management across the widest possible range of technologies and platforms.


From Windows to Linux and Windows Phone 7 to Apple iOS; whether it’s Java Enterprise, .Net, or PHP; even with open-source based options such as LifeRay, Alfresco, Magento and Zend – we cover them all. Backed by expert project management using Agile or RUP and rigorous testing ensures what we produce is of the highest quality.

What we do

As custom software experts, everything we do at Evozon has efficiency, effectiveness and added value in mind. That’s why we specialise in offering a customised solution to every client. We know how important it is to get the right result. The one you want. We work with end customers from diverse industries, start-ups, consultants and agencies.

Deep Knowledge

We build systems from scratch and can consult in; Scalability, e-Commerce, Publishing, Hybrid Cloud Management, e-Learning, News, Telecoms, Marketing, Industrial, Travel, Logistics, Services, Asset Management, Security, Games and more.