August 2018

Seven Stages of Action to Improve the User Experience

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I once had a discussion with my colleague about “What does it takes to make good UX decisions?”, “What are the principles that could guide us when we form our ideas, concepts and wireframes?”, ”What does it mean to make a good UX decision?" Well, let’s see. I believe a good UX decision

November 2017

Quick guide on how you could actively get involved in improving your app’s usability

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Usability has become a necessary condition in today’s growing software industry. It takes a user about 5 seconds to decide whether or not he will use or leave your website. This is because we are presented with so many options in software that it’s safe to assume that if we don’t like a certain app,

March 2017

When Global Consciousness makes sense in Living Experience (LX) and User Experience (UX)

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Let’s define first the context. The Global Consciousness Project is a project launched 18 years ago by Dr. Roger Nelson, retired professor from Princeton University. The initial scope was to plant some devices (“eggs”, as they called them) around the globe in order to produce random data of 0 and 1. These devices produces

Some frequent usability mistakes we’ve encountered on websites

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Each of us goes on various websites almost each day, either for entertainment or for various needs. In many cases, however, some of us face various obstacles and problems on websites, and these might render our experience unpleasant or difficult, due to usability-related aspects of the websites and their functionality. In the following list, several

May 2016

The neuroscience beyond the usability

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With the advancement of technology, the software market has grown considerably, and nowadays, many software products have come to resemble one another quite a lot. One reason for this is that products are produced and launched in a hurried manner, and this is often done by neglecting the needs of the users and the