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September 2015

Yet Another Perl Conference EU 2016 is coming to Cluj!

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Congratulations, Cluj.PM! You have managed to place Cluj-Napoca on the international Perl map now more than ever by bringing YAPC to Cluj-Napoca for its 2016th European edition, next August. Very proud of you, Perl Counts of Transylvania! In choosing Cluj-Napoca as a destination, YAPC::EU not only reinforces the fact that our city is amongst the

July 2015

The Undead of Helheim messed with the wrong crowd!

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Join our heroes in defeating hordes of enemies in our fun running game. Asgard Run is the product of blood, sweat and coffee by our team and is focused on action and amazing HD graphics. As you bash through enemies, dodge traps and collect soul stones, you will definitely notice that each character is uniquely

May 2015

Cow Kapow! got Greenlit

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It all started with a team of warrior cows who wanted to get a bit in the spotlight. Cow Kapow! is a turn based strategy game with real tactical depth provided by the 100+ weapons of Grass Destruction, randomly generated terrain and starting position. Choosing from a wide array of weapons and items you can

Moodflux team won at the Intel RealSense App Challenge!

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Intel RealSense App Challenge is a worldwide developer challenge which aims to change how users interact with their devices, and the world around them. With 3D capabilities, hand and finger tracking, facial analysis and voice command, new collaboration and sharing technologies, and more, the computing experience will be taken to a whole new level. Developers

March 2015

Evozon is sponsoring YAPC Europe & QA Hackathon 2015

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2015 came with new Perl events and new opportunuities for Evozon to support this wonderful community and great events that are being organized. We are already known as having a soft spot for Perl, plus more than 50 full-time coders using Perl in our projects. So this spring, we decided to sponsor the QA Hackathon,

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