April 2017

Outsourcing Destinations: Asia and Eastern Europe

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Tech is something that exists on a global scale, a community of people and companies that work together to create unbelievable things. It doesn’t take into account nationality, ethnicity or borders. Working in tech is like being part of an international family at all times. It doesn’t really matter where you are in the world,

March 2017

Perl Case Study: Mobile Platform Build System

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This is a case study about a project we did in Perl for one of our customers, ST-Ericsson, a global wireless platform and semiconductor supplier to top mobile device manufacturers. The challenge The customer needed a system to handle building of executable units for mobile platform software products. This system had to fit to

Learning Perl from a Java Perspective

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Duke is a Java developer with 5 years of experience. One day, Duke got curious and wanted to learn something about a language called Perl. Duke has a friend, Larry. Larry is a Perl developer for quite some time now. He’s an experienced developer, he know multiple languages, including Java. He played around with

December 2016

Creating a programming language: Larry Wall and Perl

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Programming is beyond the grasp of most people, it doesn't matter if we’re talking about Perl or another language. Most individuals will look at it as more than a foreign language, as something beyond comprehension, something that takes a special kind of thinking. There is some truth to this, as in not everybody can

November 2016

Creating custom hooks in Dancer2

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Dancer2 is a powerful and flexible framework that is a rewrite of Dancer, made easy to use and with a decent ecosystem of extensions. With all these I was finding myself writing some pieces of code that were more or less the same across the application and could not find a decent way to

June 2016


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Praise the whale carrying containers (that is their logo, or probably it’s a dolphin, or maybe a whale). Anyway here it is, decide for yourself, I propose a poll. I actually wanted to write something about Perl, but then I realized that in the last few months I worked with this incredible tool and

September 2015

Yet Another Perl Conference EU 2016 is coming to Cluj!

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Congratulations, Cluj.PM! You have managed to place Cluj-Napoca on the international Perl map now more than ever by bringing YAPC to Cluj-Napoca for its 2016th European edition, next August. Very proud of you, Perl Counts of Transylvania! In choosing Cluj-Napoca as a destination, YAPC::EU not only reinforces the fact that our city is amongst

August 2015

Morning coffee’s on us @ LPW 2015

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If you’re in London on December 12th, at the London Perl Workshop, make sure you’re there on time for the morning coffee. We will be there to greet you with a steaming cup of delicious coffee & a chat before the talks start; we’re always happy to meet fellow community members, so let us

March 2015

Evozon is sponsoring YAPC Europe & QA Hackathon 2015

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As a Perl company with more than 50 full-time Perl developers we're fairly well known as a Perl shop with a soft spot for this technology. Our Perl teams work on major projects for clients in the United Kingdom and the United States creating scalable products. Giving back is only natural and 2015 came