March 2017

NET Core: lighter, cross-platform and open-source

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We were used with Microsoft as being against open-source and using ‘vendor lock-in’ practices. In the past, in order to do development you needed Windows and Visual Studio which were not cheap at all. For hosting, IIS was necessary, which, of course, required Windows. In the last years it seems that Microsoft executives have been

September 2016

Migrating an application from SharePoint on-premises to SharePoint Online

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In my previous article, I started talking about Office 365 as the new Software as a Service platform built by Microsoft and I mentioned SharePoint as being one of the important offerings of the platform. Recently, in a discussion with one of our clients, the main topic of the discussion was the migration of the

June 2016

What is Office 365?

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In recent years, this topic is one of the most discussed in the world. In this article, I will not try to explain again and again the obvious. This is my humble attempt to get into Office 365 and analyze what is relevant for our jobs. This article, therefore, is only an overview of Office

April 2016

Application Insights and Logging

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Logging is such a common and old topic with a myriad of existing tools and libraries out there that one might think if there is anything else that can be improved or if there is anything to innovate in this area. Well apparently there is! Microsoft has come up with Application Insights. What do people log?

February 2015

March 2014

Here’s your next Train station. Drop by to see us!

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Want to see what it's like to work in Evozon? Come meet us on Friday the 28th of March! You'll find out all about our summer internships, upcoming trainings and career opportunities. Also, you'll get the chance to look around and experience the Evozon ride. The plan is to share last year’s internship experience, get

April 2012

Developing an Xbox LIVE game for Windows Phone

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So what’s up with this title? Here comes the answer: it’s Catalin Zima-Zegreanu’s (our very own MVP and Lead Game Developer) topic at this year’s ITCamp event. Evozon proudly announces their participation, as sponsors, at the 2012’s edition of ITCamp, and we are really looking forward to meeting you there. There will be a lot