April 2017

Outsourcing Destinations: Asia and Eastern Europe

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Tech is something that exists on a global scale, a community of people and companies that work together to create unbelievable things. It doesn’t take into account nationality, ethnicity or borders. Working in tech is like being part of an international family at all times. It doesn’t really matter where you are in the world,

March 2017

Learning Perl from a Java Perspective

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Duke is a Java developer with 5 years of experience. One day, Duke got curious and wanted to learn something about a language called Perl. Duke has a friend, Larry. Larry is a Perl developer for quite some time now. He’s an experienced developer, he know multiple languages, including Java. He played around with

September 2016

E-Commerce Platform vs Custom Development: Which one do you need?

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Everyone involved in e-commerce has been asking this question at one point. You might be the CEO of a company looking to step up its online game, or an IT manager seeking a direction for building e-commerce solutions, or just a geek wishing to implement the next Alibaba. In any case, choosing the best way

July 2016

How wishlists can add value to your eCommerce

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The e-commerce environment has become extremely competitive as new platforms, businesses and services are becoming available for anyone. Creating an online store takes a matter of minutes, maintaining and turning it into a business takes a lot more dedication, time and knowledge. Offering your visitors a great on-site experience is key to converting them

February 2015

Summer Internship 2015

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When? After your summer exams, 3 to 8 weeks. What? We like (and we're also really good at) playing with: .Net, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Java, QA. We're also going to teach you having fun with these technologies! Why? We love our work (and we only choose people who love working with us) We're really

October 2012

Guess who’s joined the list of Liferay Partners

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We are excited to announce that starting October 2012, Evozon is an official Liferay Service Partner, the market's leading portal solution. What is a Service Partner and what’s in it for our customers? By their very own definition, Liferay Service Partners are experienced solution providers that offer professional services. Benefiting from Liferay’s full support and

September 2011

Open Days @ Evozon, March 2011

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Students of “Babeș-Bolyai” and Technical University have been invited to the Open Days events organized by Evozon on both March 25th and 28th. The main purpose of this event was letting students know about our internship opportunities, as well as offer them a glimpse of what a developer’s day is like. See more details below