October 2019

The Child and the Bike – An Agile Story

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I've recently started a new software project with a product owner that is an expert in the business domain but has never worked with an agile software development team. I had shown him some initial wire-frames for the application, and he has a pretty good idea of what he wants the end product to

July 2019

Moggles – manage your product features with the click of a toggle

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The Context You’re part of a great team that likes to deliver features as they are developed and tested. You favor a minimum number of branches, maybe just one, and you’re eager to send your bug fixes to production minutes or hours after the fix is committed and validated. But not all code

April 2018

Evozon invests in

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Together with a group of angel investors, we invested 250,000 euros in the startup, an online food delivery platform active in Bucharest. The food delivery market has grown exponentially in recent years, with a number of new players entering the scene. Romania is demonstrating a market with significant potential. The plan will be

February 2018

Calendis, a 2017 retrospective

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Many things happened during 2017 for Calendis, an online booking solution developed in-house within Evozon’s Perl department. The journey started around 4 years ago with the goal of creating an online tool that would allow users to easily book appointments for everyday services offered at beauty salons, sports facilities, medical clinics and many others,

October 2016

How To Communicate Your Product Vision To Your Team in 5 Simple Steps

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Is your team aligned with your Product Vision? You think you’ve got an awesome vision for your product. You even have a team coding away at making that vision a reality. Does every member in your team have the same vision as you? If you were to ask your team members individually what the billion