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Javascript &

Node JS Development

Visual design and

full stack development

What we do

We design and create a wide range of customized software for clients including large corporations, media agencies, consultants and startups.

Technical consultancy and development

With a total of 50+ in-house developers the JavaScript team’s focus is distributed on React Native, React (vanilla or NextJS) and NodeJS. We use these technologies mostly for web and mobile, but also desktop and robotics.

Business consultancy and product design

We have over 10+ product designers and business analysts in the Solutions team. We use our design skills and our business and technical knowledge to improve the way that existing products work and look. We also design entirely new products and their scaling solutions.

How we do it

We love long-term relationships so the solutions we deliver have a solid foundation on technical expertise, customer service and simple honesty.

We keep an agile mindset because we’ve learnt that changes will occur no matter how hard we try to make everything predictable. Based on the nature of the projects, we select Scrum, Kanban or a mix of whatever methodologies prove to be the most appropriate for a given situation.

Responding to specific requisites, we can create full stack teams with Developers, Product Designers and Business Analysts, UX and UI Specialists, Project Managers, Testers, DevOps, Hardware and IoT Engineers or create a mixt team by partnering up specialists from both sides, so that our team functions as an extension of yours.


We handle everything from building to testing and distributing our projects via Google Cloud, Zeit, AWS or the hosting service of your choice. Our developers can easily switch between backend and frontend based on the demand.

Projects are kept up to date with the latest ES6 releases and TypeScript for type checking. We use the aforementioned technologies mostly for the web but also mobile, desktop and robotics.

Support for real-time integration with systems like Firebase, Firestore, Cloud Functions and MongoDB. If automatic scaling is a requirement, we also provide releases with App Engine, Kubernetes Engine and others.

React React Native nodeJs Angular Vue
Most of the time business success is driven by a certain degree of complexity. Complexity is not always a bad thing, but it can quickly become a hassle if not managed correctly. Technology helps overcome this but not all software companies can really understand the deep, subtle specifics of the organization they are trying to help. Evozon, really got its hands into these kind of details, and worked closely with us to develop a unique, customized software solution that helps us manage our day-to-day operations. The Informal School of IT custom ERP is using a full-stack of JavaScript technologies to handle and automate our most important internal processes. Without this, there would be almost no scalability or growth for us.
Răzvan Voica,
CEO, The Informal School of IT