Evozon has one of the most capable JavaScript teams around who also support the community.

At Evozon, we use modern JavaScript with React Native, Node.js, Angular and other technologies to create full-stack JavaScript applications and apps. Or use these technologies within our open-source Thorin framework to rapidly develop them.

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A Full-Stack JavaScript Case Study

Car sharing is not entirely new, but the Eastern European market has certain particularities that make it a tough nut to crack, especially from a financial perspective—paying for a service via mobile app and taking temporary responsibility for an asset that’s worth over 10,000 euros was totally unheard of in this market.

Market intelligence indicated that the town of Cluj-Napoca, which has 15% of the total population working in the IT sector was the ideal choice for a testing ground from the early adopter perspective.

Today GetPony is deploying a new fleet in the capital city of Romania, Bucharest, after a successful 8 months trial of their business model, web and mobile app. Several iterations were issued during this time-frame.

Evozon has become an integral part of the business taking the role of CTO and implementing the second generation of the platform using a full-stack of JavaScript technologies including Node.js and React Native for mobile. Pony is now ready to scale and take on the world!

Evozon Supports the JavaScript Community


Invite Leaders

Our inaugural event had 311 attendees, 17hrs of talks, 20 sessions and 15 great speakers. Tom Dale spoke about ember.js FastBoot, Gautam Arora on large Node application architecture at Conde Nast using micro-services, Zahra Jabini on SVG viewBox, our own Robert Onodi on Angular 2 and many others great speakers.


Rapid Development

The bootstrapping time of an application built with Thorin is dramatically reduced, as most critical decisions were made by the accumulated experience on working with large scale applications over time. The project structure is simple yet powerful, enabling you to boot up an application within minutes.

Trust Us, We’re Experts – Say Hello to Robert

Robert Onodi

MEAN Blueprints

Robert Onodi

May 2016

Unlock the power of the MEAN stack by creating attractive and real-world projects.


What They Say About Us


“Evozon have been developing Filters for SDL for some years now. Their team is well qualified and have an incredible level of professionalism. They have done some great, high quality work which means we have a lot of happy customers.”

Mark Oldfield – Development Manager & Denise Baldwin – Support Manager, SDL

“Most of the time business success is driven by a certain degree of complexity. Complexity is not always a bad thing, but it can quickly become a hassle if not managed correctly. Technology helps overcome this but not all software companies can really understand the deep, subtle specifics of the organization they are trying to help.
Evozon, really got its hands into these kind of details, and worked closely with us to develop a unique, customized software solution that helps us manage our day-to-day operations.
The Informal School of IT custom ERP is using a full-stack of JavaScript technologies to handle and automaate our most important internal processes. Without this, there would be almost no scalability or growth for us.
Thank you, Evozon.”

Razvan Voica - Managing Partner , Informal School of IT

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