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Fast, flexible and robust CMS

EPiServer CMS is a fast, flexible and robust Web Content Management solution where editors find it very intuitive to manage content online. It delivers extended functionality for business users to create their web presence, manage content and engage and collaborate with their target audiences. You can manage your mobile presence as easlily as you do your desktop web presence with EPiServer MobilePack. And, you can easily update your website via iPhone or iPad using the EPiServer Mobile Center.

The guiding principle in working with EPiServer CMS is “Power through Simplicity”. Powerful for the business owner and the editor with just a single sign-on to access the full range of EPiServer marketing tools or third party components, yet simple to ensure that organizations’ digital initiatives can be brought to market rapidly.

Generate more business by personalizing each visitor’s experience

With EPiServer CMS you can create personalized content for different audiences and deliver what they’d consider most relevant to them. Using visitor groups, you can define different audiences you expect on your site by dragging and dropping various criteria into the group. Included out-of-the-box in EPiServer CMS are criteria such as geo-IP, visited pages, numbers of visits, time of day, referring search word, user profile, landing page and much more, in addition you can also create your own. Furthermore the visitor groups you define will have a consistent experience from wherever they access your site including your Facebook page and your mobile site.

For example, you can show different home page content depending on whether the visitor is new or has been to your site before, another is to show the nearest sales office which will depend on their location.

EPiServer CMS has built-in support enabling you to refine and develop your personalization strategy to ensure that you are reaching your online goals. Using personalization you can build a more intimate relationship with your visitors to the point where they feel it’s ‘my’ brand which helps improve your conversion rates.

Discover the easy way to create and maintain websites that drive sales

With EPiServer Composer – a drag-and-drop editor that allows you to create and optimize websites you can easily update your content, add features, tweak your landing pages and create page templates – without the need of deep technical knowledge.

Many CMS platforms limit you to predefined templates that can’t be customized to meet your needs or help you stand apart from other sites that are using the same template. With EPiServer Composer, you have the power to create a customized site that reflects your brand and helps you increase your sales.

With EPiServer Composer you can:

  • Maximize your online conversion rates
  • Generate more quality leads by personalizing each visitor’s experience
  • Simplify content reuse
  • Develop website content with ease
  • Create and maintain multiple websites