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Open Source ECM for the Social Enterprise

Alfresco is the leading open source enterprise content management system built by the most experienced team in the industry – drawn from Documentum®, Vignette® and Interwoven®. Alfreaso’s of experience in ECM lead them to believe that legacy, proprietary technologies are plagued with high cost, high complexity and lack of customer control. They wanted to do things differently.

Low Cost, Simplicity & Choice

Alfresco offers a content management platform that focuses on:

  • Low Cost — A low cost, open source, annual subscription with minimal upfront investment
  • Simplicity — Rapid deployment to deliver immediate business value and rapid application development using pre-built components and lightweight scripting
  • Choice — Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by reusing existing hardware, software and skills. Support for open source and open standards means no lock-in to proprietary platforms or file formats.

An open platform for a social world

Alfresco has largely disrupted the proprietary ECM world with a low cost, open source alternative. But the rise of social software in the enterprise has created a new set of use cases for content management – a new, more collaborative paradigm that Alfresco (and the industry) calls Social Content Management. Alfresco’s support for open source and open standards (like CMIS and JSR 168) makes Alfresco the perfect platform to manage content in this new social world.

Alfresco Enterprise Edition

Alfresco Enterprise Edition is a proven, tested version of Alfresco software that is provided as part of the annual Alfresco Enterprise Subscription. Alfresco Enterprise Edition includes Document Management, Web Content Management, Share and the Content Platform. Records Management, as well as Enterprise add-ons such as clustering and a connector for content addressable storage can be added as an additional subscription on top of the base subscription.