Hybris Front-End Developer

What does this job do?

Here in Evozon, among others, we’re building careers based on strong foundations. In terms of work, we value technical excellence and high-quality delivery. We`re also looking for passionate and kind people to join our Java Department. In terms of experience, 1–3 years spent as a front-end developer with Hybris (the new SAP commerce platform) should be just fine. Sounds like you? If yes, then:

We want to see that you:

  • Have good knowledge of JavaScript
  • Practical and recent experience with Angular is a plus
  • Comfortable working with TypeScript or ES6
  • Have good knowledge of HTML, CSS libraries, Bootstrap, Spartacus
  • Have previous exposure to web applications and technologies
  • Have good problem-solving abilities
  • Good written and communication English skills

And we will be happy to see that you:

  • Have knowledge of revision control system (GIT);
  • Have knowledge of preprocessor scripting languages: SASS, LESS;
  • Are familiar with SEO, BEM methodology;
  • Are passionate about writing well-structured, efficient, and maintainable code, actively keeping the quality of the code base in check;
  • Are acquainted with Agile development methodologies like SCRUM;
  • Possess strong analytical and problem-solving abilities.

What’s it like working with us? You’ll find:

  • A type of work that offers you challenging tasks and varied projects for clients all over the world;
  • A team with technical ownership over the solutions provided;
  • Collaboration through the whole life cycle of the development process (YWNWA);
  • Benefits that include a medical package, bonus vacation days every year, sport-related benefits (swimming pool, gym, and more;
  • A culture that we know you’ll love and one you can also build on!

Who we are:

Our Java community counts more than 99 people and we are focused on delivery, business & technical know-how. At first, when you join our crew you might be familiar with Java Web more but in the end, you will get to know and love Hybris. 75% of our projects are based on the Hybris e-commerce platform. The reason why we use it? It’s a highly customized platform for e-commerce challenges.

When It comes to front end we develop it in JSP & Angular and the backend part is developed in Spring & Hybris.

The Evozon Java crew is the oldest and biggest Hybris partner in East Europe, which guarantees our community’s expertise in this type of business software.

We want to act as a one-stop shop for our clients’ online shops and we really mean it. This is why we’re known for delivering A-Z services, anything that a client needs, from product discovery, to account management, customer relationship, marketing, testing, IT operations & DevOps, and a few more that they might need along this journey.


If you are curios, don’t hesitate to send us an email at or just send us your LinkedIn URL.