We are excited to announce that starting October 2012, Evozon is an official Liferay Service Partner, the market’s leading portal solution.

What is a Service Partner and what’s in it for our customers? By their very own definition, Liferay Service Partners are experienced solution providers that offer professional services. Benefiting from Liferay’s full support and extensive technological expertise, we are able to take our customers’ experience to a whole new level of professionalism by providing valuable, innovative and cost-effective solutions.

However, this partnership wouldn’t have been possible without our team’s continuous Liferay skills’ improvement, dedication and commitment. Thank you all for doing an excellent job!

Getting on their list of service partners is something we wanted to achieve, as it’s an award-winning solution we all share the passion for. It was benchmarked as one of the market’s most secure portal platforms and its amazing features make Liferay a top choice when it comes about implementing a high-quality portal.

Evozon is focused on meeting your business’ needs, so whenever you’re ready to experience the capabilities of an exquisite portal, contact us to get a quote!