“Employer branding? What is that?” These are the questions I get most of the time when people ask me what’s my job.

Since it’s a common question, I developed an easy-to-understand-for-a-five-years-old definition: Let’s say that you get a chance to choose one kindergarten to join. You have multiple choices, but you can join only one. I am the person who works at one of the kindergartens and tells you about the benefits of joining and why this kindergarten is different from the others and is the right choice for you. This means that I am managing the kindergarten’s reputation among kids who are looking to join a kindergarten and the kids who have already done that. After you join, because you are such an amazing kid, I want you to stay here until you go off to school. You have the choice to go to another kindergarten if you think there is another one that suits you best. You are free to do that any time, but I would love to have you here for as long as possible because your presence makes it all better.

As I said, I am the one who advertises and promotes the kindergarten, but all the people who work there contribute to the sum of thoughts and feelings that kids associate with the kindergarten. So, I am just a little piece of this big puzzle.

To make a parallel, the kindergarten is an organization, the kids are the employees and the potential employees and I am the one who delivers brand messages outside the “walls” of the company.

If you Google the definition of Employer Branding, the first result that pops up is an article published by builtin.com which says: “Your employer brand is your organization’s reputation as an employer. In simpler terms, it’s what job seekers and employees really think of you. It’s what they tell their friends and family when you aren’t around.”

Employer Branding is a field in which Marketing, HR, and General Management are best friends. But if you look at the big picture, and try to find who is responsible for this  (… add word), it’s the responsibility of the whole organization. It’s a joint effort. I am just the one who publicly shares the stories inside.

To sum up, I’d like to show you an example of how we chose to communicate a part of how things work inside evozon (the company I am part of) in a Social Media published on Valentine’s Day, 2020.

Article written by: Cristina Strîmbu